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Domestic & Residential Water Filtration System Price - Buy Self Cleaning InLine Nano filters

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Domestic Residential Drinking Water Filtration System Price - Whole House Water Purifier Filter Solution

Domestic and Residential Filtration System is the perfect solution to ensure quality water throughout your house to reduce dirt and sediments causing clogging and discoloration of your fixtures and tiles. It does not waste a single drop of water or use any electricity. 

Filtered water throughout your whole house for drinking purposes, shower and anti scaling for all your piping systems . Unlike other local filters, it does not choke easily due to its depth filtration technology. Most importantly, these filters provide healthy drinking water for you and your family.

Nano Filter Solution Provide Best Whole House Water Filtration System 

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Why Nano Water Filter System is Better Than Other Company?

# ZERO Maintenance # NO Electricity Required
# 10 YEAR Guarantee #Self Cleaning Filter # EASY To Clean Filter Without Any Help # Protect Disease 
# Good Health # High Energy Level
# Good Taste  # Better Smell 
# Scale Prevention # Silver NanoParticles Technology


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In fact, along with air, water is the most important compound for the survival of all life forms. Alkaline water is best for the health of people, and acidic water tends to be most beneficial for plants. You see this difference mirrored in the gases that plants and animals use. While animals need oxygen, plants need carbon dioxide. 

Our company " nano filter solution " along with our team of engineers and scientists have developed a unique way of using nanotechnology in water filtration, not  having any analogues in the world, which includes a set of ultra-thin purification of liquids along with a magnetic molecular water structure.

This makes our product unique because it filtrates and makes live alkaline water naturally without any kind of chemical interactions by using silver, amber, rhinestone and magnetic field. The basis of this complex is the nano silver membrane filter element. It works on a fundamentally new basis, without any replaceable cartridges.

The mechanism is self cleaning and structural features a mirror filter element allows it to effectively self clean, ensuring reliable trouble-free operation for 10 years guaranteed. We have various modifications of water filters, for household, industrial and commercial use.

The performance capacity is from 1,000 liters per hour up to a maximum of 300,000 liters per hour for industrial use, with a removal efficiency of up to 1 micron.


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Major Benefits - Nano Filters
- Nano Silver Water Filter 
- New Technology 
- 10 Year Warranty
- Zero Running Cost
- Zero Maintenance
- No Electricity Needed
- Filter Change Not Required
- Easy to Clean Filter 
Drinking fresh, clean water offers the following benefits and more:
Boosts energy levels
Contributes to the health of your muscles, which are 70% water
Flushes toxins from your body
Keeps lungs healthy and reduces mucus build up
Helps reduce ear wax
Keeps bowels active and moving in healthy ways
Cleans out urinary tract
Regulates blood pressure levels
Provides electrolytes and other essential minerals
Reduces the risk of kidney stones
Assists in the process of transporting nutrients to cells
Cushions joints by keeping cartilage and discs healthy
Reduces risk of cancer and many chronic illnesses
Increases alertness and cognitive functions
Helps with headaches as brains are 75% water
Assists with proper nerve functioning