Water Filter Angola

Self Cleaning Water Filter helps to separate- Iron metal particles, Impurities, Limescale, Fluoride, Sulfur, Calcium, Nitrites, Pesticides, etc.

Type: Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter
Micron: 1 & 0.5 Micron Filter
Cartridge: Change not required
Maintenance:  Almost Zero
Electricity: Non-Electric Water Filter
Chemicals: No Chemicals Added
Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty: 10 Year warranty
Scaling: Scale Prevention & Pipe Corrosion
Health Benefits: Healthy Teeth, Enhances Hydration
Place of Origin: Moscow Russia
Function: Water Purification, Water Filtration & Water Treatment
Feature: High-efficiency
Installation: Easily Installed
Remove: Iron metal particles, impurities, limescale, fluoride, Sulfur, Calcium, Nitrites, Pesticides

Water in Africa is an important issue encompassing the sources, distribution, and economic uses of the water resources on the continent. Overall, Africa has about 9% of the world's freshwater resources and 16% of the world's population. There are about 17 rivers on the African continent. Among these rivers are the Congo, Nile, Zambezi, Niger, and Lake Victoria considered the world’s second-largest lake. Yet the continent is the second driest in the world, with millions of Africans still suffering from water shortages throughout the year. 

Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers, and a Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia.

Angola is rich in water resources, they are unequally distributed in the country, as the south and coastal regions water flows are usually low whereas in the north and central regions the water flows are significantly higher. For a short period of time, water availability should not be a problem, however, as the country develops, water problems may occur in some regions.  

Angola's main water resources
Angola has a diverse hydrological network with considerable water availability. The country has 47 major river basins and rivers which are distributed across five principal drainage areas: the Atlantic Ocean (Which includes Cuanza, Catumbela, Cunene, Chiloango, M’Bridge, Keve, Longa, and other rivers), The Zaire Basin (congo), The Zambezi basin, the Cuvelai basin (that drains into Etosha Pan) and the Cubango river basin (that drains into the Okavango delta). 

Angola also shares five international river basins (Congo, Cunene, Cuvelai, Cubango and Zambezi). Angola is an upstream state for four international river basins, although in the case of the Zaira (Congo) river basin, the country is a downstream state. 
Angola's major water issues include:
→ Overuse of pastures and subsequent soil erosion attributable to population pressures
→ Desertification
→ Deforestation of tropical rainforest, in response to both international demand for tropical timber and to domestic use as fuel, resulting in loss of biodiversity
→ Soil erosion contributing to water pollution and siltation of rivers and dams 
→ inadequate supplies of potable water

Drinking-Water Resources are
→ Surface water is water from the river, rainwater, lake, or freshwater wetland, which can be treated using different methods, such as Self Cleaning Water Filters, and magnetic water structured & conditioner device
→ Ground Water or brackish water is from water located in the pore space of soil and rock “Borehole well”, which can be treated using Self Cleaning Water Filters.
→ Municipal water supply, which could have a high level of hardness or a high level of chlorine, can be treated with Magnetic water structured & conditioner devices. Magnetic water structured & conditioner devices remove:

→ Dissolved minerals that cause hard water – calcium and magnesium
→ Dissolved iron and manganese
→ Scale

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In Angola, you cannot guarantee that the water which is coming from your home’s faucets is clean and away from all the impurities. There have been a lot of problems with respect to the purity of tap water throughout the years. However, some of those problems have been resolved by city water regulations. Many of us are concerned with undesirable odor & taste, heavy metal or chemical leakages, cloudiness, and so on. The only route we can choose to protect our family is to choose the water filtration system.

Nano Filter Solution is Supplier & Dealer of Self Cleaning Water Filter & Purifiers In Angola's Cities →Luanda, N'dalatando, Huambo, Lobito, Benguela, Cuito, Lubango, Malanje, Namibe, Soio, Cabinda, Uige, Saurimo, Sumbe, Menongue, Caxito, Longonjo

How do Self Cleaning Water Filter & Purifiers Work in Angola?
→ Filter Operate Opposite of anything else. Water goes first into the filter around the 0.8-1.0 micron or less can penetrate through the ultra-thin microwire.
→ The stainless steel shell of the cartridge is covered in nanosilver particles for water disinfection. The natural way!
→ On the shell of the filter cartridge is a special stainless steel spiral microwire that is wounded around the frame multiple times. 
→ The stainless steel spiral microwire is thinner than a human hair. The distance between the microwire pores is 0.2-0.3 microns.
→ The self auto oscillations in the spiral micro-wire arise from hydrodynamic processes in a turbulent vortex flow.
→ Water that enters the filter under pressure passes through between the spiral microwire pores and impurities don't pass and get finished out by the drain valve.
→ Due to the vortex vibration of the spiral microwire impurities cannot stick to the filter element and drop down vertically for flushing.
→ Once pure water passes into the filter cartridge it passes a multipolar magnetic unit that is mixed with amber and rhinestone crystals for structured H302 live water with perfect balanced pH.
→ Impurities accumulate at the bottom of the flask. Flushing of the filter can be done manually or with an electric auto flushing device.

At Nano Filter Solution, We offer a large variety of Water Filtration Solutions for different uses. You can choose an inexpensive and effective water filter from us that is worth your investment.  Self Cleaning Water Filter & Purifiers In Angola are as follow - 

Domestic Water Filtration System in Angola - 
Whole House Water Filters | Kitchen Filters | Undersink Water Filters | Ground - Well  & Municipal Water Filters & Purifiers | Apartment Building Filter & Purifiers | Indoor & Outdoor Purifier

Agriculture Farming Water Filtration in Angola - 
Improve growing conditions | Prevent disease | Increase crop yield | Agricultural and Irrigation applications 

Industrial Water Filtration System in Angola 
Hydroelectric power production | Automotive manufacturers | Paper manufacturing factories | Seawater Distillation Plant | Nuclear Water Treatment Plant  | Mining water industries | Oil Industry Filteration System | Petrol Chemical Filteration System

Animals Farming Water Filtration System in Angola  - 
Fish Pond Water Filter System | livestock drinking water | Poultry & Chicken Filters & Purifier System | Dairy cattle Water Purifier System

Commercial Water Filtration System in Angola  - 
Restaurant | Hotel | Hospital | Cooling Towers | Laboratory Testing | School & College

Benefits of using Self Cleaning Water Filters & Purifiers In Angola
Non-Electric Water Purifier  Zero Maintenance  No Cartridge Change  Anti Scaling Pipe Protection  Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion   Hard Water Softener  Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses  Remove Iron & Sediments  Remove Suspended Solids  Provides Clean & Reusable Water  Protect Environment  Reduced Energy Cost  Improve Crop Growing Conditions   Plant Disease Prevention  Increase Crop Yield  Healthier Livestock  Keeps Livestock Hydrated  Prevent Digestive Problems  Improve Growth Performance & Security

Water Filter Types List
Self Cleaning Water Filters  Automatic Cleaning Water Filters  Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Device  UV Water Treatment System Magnetic Water Treatment & Conditioner

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